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We relocated from Berkeley to Albany, CA in 2017.

The address is:

828 San Pablo Ave, Suite 107, Albany CA 94706.  

The office is directed by Dr. Jennifer Lanett D.C. who is committed to providing thorough, comprehensive and gentle care.  The focus is on preventative wellness and promoting a healthy lifestyle, through physical health and diet, as a means to maintaining optimal health.   We do the low force style of chiropractic, called the Activator Method.  It is safe and effective for all ages.

COVID-19:  Dr. Lanett is following all CDC recommended guidelines treating patients during Covid-19.  Please wear a face mask.  Dr. Lanett is wearing gloves, a face mask, a face shield, and, she is sterilizing the office with an EPA approved for COVID-19 hospital grade disinfectant.  Additionally, hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the Atrium building as well as in the office.  Gloves are available to everyone on request.

Dr. Lanett is also here for your cumulative or repetitive traumas, pregnancy related care, sports & auto injuries, sprains and strains, orthotic evaluation and digestive health advice. 

Services Offered
Dr. Lanett is pleased to offer a modern and updated approach to the timeless healing art of Chiropractic.  Her diverse training and expertise brings you:

The office promotes a healthy lifestyle to improve quality of life for all ages. Conventional physio-therapuetic modalities include:

At times, your body may need help with reducing inflammation of sore muscles, or need strengthening of the bones or cartilage.  You may wonder whether or not to take nutritional supplements and there are certain cases when they should be considered. If you have a question about nutrition or supplementation, Dr. Lanett can help find the answer.

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Dr. Jennifer Lanett

The Patients
Patients of all ages have experienced the benefits of chiropractic care with Dr. Lanett. Most come to her through personal, word of mouth referrals. She welcomes children, pregnant women, and the elderly.  The low force technique, Activator Method, utilitzed in the office is particularly helpful for those with sensitive bodies,  frail bones or  a general fear of 'cracking' the spine used by traditional chiropractors.

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Office Hours
The practice is open Tuesday through Friday, and Saturday mornings. New patients and emergency appointments are accommodated as fast as possible. Please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lanett at (510) 644-4414.

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Fees for appointments are due at the time of service. Fees are reasonable and you will be informed of the cost of any needed services before they are rendered.  Auto insurance policies may also cover chiropractic care when injured.  Payment options include cash, check, or Visa/MasterCard.   

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One of the ways that Dr. Lanett can help you decide if her services are right for you is by offering a 10-minute complimentary consultation by phone. You will have a chance to talk one-on-one about your case.  Call for an appointment to speak with Dr. Lanett at (510) 644-4414.

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What to Expect at Your First Visit
Your first visit will take approximately one hour.  Follow-up visits are 30 minutes.

Brief Paperwork
Upon entering the office, there will be some brief paperwork for you to fill out. You may also download the
patient forms here.  

History & Examination 
Once the paperwork has been completed, you will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss your health-related problems and concerns. Next, a number of specialized physical, neurological and orthopedic tests will be performed to determine which joints and tissues are affected and to what extent.

The doctor will decide if additional tests outside the office might be needed  at the time of the examination and advise you on how to get them while still monitoring your care.

Same Day Treatment
Once finished with the examination and all appropriate studies, you will generally be provided with a chiropractic treatment during this same visit. This usually includes gentle chiropractic manipulations (an ‘adjustment’) to the spine or extremities using the Doctors hands or using a small hand-held Activator instrument. The treatment is low force and painless.

Chiropractic treatment may also include one or more of several physiotherapeutic modalities. The doctor may use heat in the form of hydrocolator packs or ultrasound, cryotherapy, TENS, Microcurrent, paraffin and others. When appropriate, topical pain relieving creams may be recommended. Also, instruction may be given in the form of light stretching or a home exercise program to maximize muscle strength and flexibility.

Home Instructions
Prior to leaving, you will be given instructions on certain activities or procedures to be conducted at home. This may include instructions on ice or heat application, avoidance of certain activities or positions, as well as home exercises and/or stretches.

Dr. Lanett encourages active participation for your health care beyond the specific pain or discomfort that may have initially brought you to see her. She often instructs you in home or health club exercises, stretching and strengthening programs designed to optimize biomechanical movement. A physioball or theraband is often used to enhance core muscle strength and flexibility.

Schedule Your Next Appointment
You will be given a convenient appointment time for your follow-up visit to monitor your progress.

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Patient Forms
Before your
First Visit, you might want to download the following forms to read and fill out prior to your appointment.  All forms are in Adobe PDF format.  You’ll need Adobe Reader, a free download, to view and print the forms below.

New Patient Information

Informed Consent for Chiropractic Services

Our Privacy Policies (HIPAA)

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